A collaborative St. Louis region will work cooperatively for the benefit of all citizens. Collaboration preserves the individual identity of cities, towns, and neighborhoods while allowing residents and communities to benefit from shared resources, coordinated services, and increased efficiency.

Residents in every county have expressed their appreciation of the small town feel of our regional communities, combined with the amenities of a large metropolitan area. The Regional Economic Assessment, Regional Water Infrastructure Assessment, and Transit Oriented Development Market Assessment conducted as part of this plan all identify collaboration as a vital component to the success of the St. Louis region. Leaders and residents alike have, for many years, recognized the need to share common goals and effectively coordinate local resources.

Collaboration is an essential element in achieving many of the other goals identified in this project. OneSTL partners will use the regional plan as an opportunity to organize leaders, residents, and resources to build a collaborative future. The St. Louis region will continue to support collaboration among local governments, agencies, and communities.

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