An inclusive St. Louis region will embrace its entire population. Inclusiveness recognizes the value of diversity in creating and maintaining a vibrant, entrepreneurial, and globally-competitive region.

The St. Louis region has a rich legacy of diversity in ethnicity, age, religion, lifestyle, race, socio-economic groups, and affiliations. Today it can be seen in the burgeoning immigrant populations from Bosnia, Vietnam, China, India, Mexico, and the Middle East. If we want to be a truly inclusive region, it is crucial that we address issues such as poverty, education, infant mortality, unemployment, crime, income, and higher education.

A metropolitan area that embraces, empowers, and builds upon its diversity tends to be more creative, equitable, entrepreneurial, and resilient. OneSTL partners will provide tools and policies to increase the social and economic well-being of all demographic groups represented in our region, and in the process, reduce the number of areas where poverty and inequity is concentrated.

Indicator Definition Desired Trend Baseline Current

Concentrated Poverty

Percent of poor residents living in a concentrated area of poverty (census tracts with >40% poverty rate)

Down 2006-




Income Inequality

Gini Index

Down 2010