Reference Library

There is a tremendous amount of information and resources connected to this regional planning effort. We do our best to house all of these resources on appropriate places throughout the website. Additionally, we will use this library as a catalog of all resources we mention in the updates, newsletters and in other places on the site. If you cannot find a document you had seen before or do not know where to find it, check the Resource pages or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Maps & Data

  • St. Louis Regional Data Exchange - Regional Data Exchange is a web-based resource that provides access to a range of data and maps for the St. Louis region. The data exchange was created as a way for those working with data in the St. Louis region to easily share and access common datasets. The Exchange provides users with the ability to search for local data, create and share interactive maps, and access ready-made maps.
  • EWG Map Library - The East-West Gateway Council of Governements Map Library is a collection of maps of the St. Louis region. You can also access the 2010 Aerial Photography imagery from this site.

Reports and Ordinances

Many reports, studies and how-to manuals were completed as part of the regional planning process. These reports are resources to assist OneSTL Network Members with implementation of the plan and achieving the OneSTL vision and goals.

The reports are categorized into eight categories. Click on the category name to display a summary of the available documents and a link to the full documents in PDF format.


The conceptualizations utilized during the CPA meetings are available here as a collection of downloadable images   These images are grouped into topic areas so that different scenarios can be compared amongst themselves and to the baseline.

For example in the "Neighborhood Shops" topic, there is an image to illustrate the existing baseline layout along with the three scenarios: infrastructure, commercial, and apartment.

Within each topic area you will find both a preview image of the scenario illustration and a full resolution version, which is appropriate for download.

Past Events

The following items summarize conferences and other events hosted by OneSTL Network Members, sponsored by OneSTL, or emphasized a sustainability topic.

Outside Resources

Third party references and tools that we have found valuable during the sustainability planning process.