Best Practices Guide – Mid-Mississippi River Partnership

Prepared by Heartlands Conservancy - The Best Practices Guide reviews the success stories of the The Middle Mississippi River Partnership (MMRP).  The MMRP has had a strong record including acquiring over 6,600 acres for public use, developing conservation plans for over 3,200 acres of private and public land, and creating over 600 acres of wetlands.

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Climate Change Assessment

Prepared by East-West Gateway Council of Governments - This report uses projections produced by climate modelers around the world to describe how climate in the St. Louis region may change over the next half century, discusses potential socio-economic implications, and outlines possible adaptation measures.

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Green Infrastructure Roadmap

Prepared by Heartlands Conservancy - This document is meant to act as starting point on the road to realizing a green infrastructure vision for Southwestern Illinois and the region.

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Green Up O’Fallon: Roadside Vegetated Swale Feasibility Study

Prepared by Heartlands Conservancy - This report summarizes the 2012 study conducted to determine the feasibility of vegetated swales in the City of O’Fallon, Illinois. The feasibility included design and construction of retrofitting existing hard armored roadside ditches with vegetative swales, future recommended areas for vegetative swales and other site specific green infrastructure, and the use of storm water best management practices in new development.

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Kaskaskia Basin & Vicinity 2050 Water Supply Assessment and Recommendation

Prepared by Heartlands Conservancy - The Comprehensive Evaluation and Plan for the Regional Water Supply of the Kaskaskia River Basin through 2050 is aimed at assessing the water supply and the water demands within the Kaskaskia Basin through the year 2050. This includes analyzing various scenarios of decrease or increase in water demands and evaluating changes in the water supply of federal and community reservoirs through 2050.

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Low Impact Development Practices

Prepared by Heartlands Conservancy - This booklet provides resources and the preferred best management practices (BMPs) and information from agencies, case studies, and interdisciplinary professionals. Low Impact Development (LID) Best Management Practices are summarized to encourage and build upon triple-bottom-line sustainable and livability principles.

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Our Aging Water Infrastructure

Prepared by Metro Water Infrastructure Partnership - This report covers the attributes and needs of the water and wastewater infrastructure in the bi-state St. Louis region. The report discusses the characteristics of the utilities, needs within the region, and potential costs to the community. The report emphasizes the benefits of underground infrastructure and the need for its timely replacement.

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Rainscaping includes rain gardens, bioswales, combinations of plantings, water features, catch basins, permeable pavement and other activities that manage stormwater as closely as possible to where it falls.  This brochure summarizes Rainscaping and a collection of initiatives in the St. Louis Region.

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St. Louis Region - Water Infrastructure Report