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Baseline (2014): 2,208
Current (2022): 5,394

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Number of users in the St. Louis Metro Area

Why is it Important?

The OneSTL website was developed to support sustainability efforts throughout the St. Louis region. Local governments, non-profit organizations, private entities, and residents can find resources on the site to help advance their sustainability efforts. Website resources include the OneSTL plan; Sustainable Solutions Toolkit; and Resource maps, reports, and illustrations. This indicator measures how many people in the St. Louis metro area are using This indicates the usefulness of the website and how many people or organizations are working to advance sustainability in the St. Louis region. 

How are we Doing?

The number of people using the OneSTL website has increased since the plan has been in place, but the number of users decreased in the last few years.1 In both 2014 and 2015, about 2,000 people used the website over the course of the year. In 2019, that number grew to more than 10,000. In 2020, the website had 9,600 users, which decreased to 8,800 in 2021 and then to 5,400 in 2022. In all nine years, over 30 percent of website users were in the city of St. Louis, but people from across the region are using the website. While this measure does not identify how or why people are accessing the website, the increased number of users indicates that more people in the region know about OneSTL and the resources available through the program. 


Geographic Level

Google Analytics uses designated market area (DMA) boundaries, which for St. Louis includes the 15-county MSA plus 16 additional counties. 


1Users are those who have had at least one session within the year based on unique IP addresses.

Data Sources

East-West Gateway Council of Governments