Regional Climate Action

East-West Gateway Council of Governments will be taking the lead on developing a St. Louis Regional Climate Action Plan, funded by the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program. The plan will help our region coordinate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other harmful pollutants, and track our progress by continuing regional GHG inventories. (Find the regional GHG inventories from 2010 and 2015 here.) The plan is intended to identify projects to reduce GHG emissions and prepare to leverage the many federal funding opportunities available to implement them. Click here for additional details about the plan and timeline.

The states of Illinois and Missouri are conducting state-wide plans under the same program. You can find information on the Missouri process here.

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How to Contribute

Organizations can contribute ideas and projects for the plan using this form. Please note that project ideas for the Climate Pollution Reduction Grants in the St. Louis region are due to East-West Gateway Council of Governments by November 30, 2023, to allow time to perform the necessary emissions reductions analyses. A recording of the OneSTL Sustainability Lab about the climate action plan is available here.

Local Governments: Meet with the regional climate action planning team to tell us what projects you would like to implement that we should include in the plan, or submit your ideas using this form. You can also reach the team here.

Nonprofits: Share your input on what projects you would like to implement. While eligible applicants for CPRG implementation grants are states, municipalities, Territories, Tribes, and groups of eligible entities, you can collaborate on their projects or apply for other funding sources. You can submit your ideas and projects using this form, or reach out to the planning team here.