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Thank you for visiting the OneSTL Materials and Recycling Working Group's Recycle Responsibly page! Below is information on what should go into your recycling bin at home, our current recycling campaigns, recycling facts, and resources. The Materials and Recycling Working Group comprises of multiple communities and organizations working on waste reduction and recycling efforts in the St. Louis Region. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for events and recycling tips!

Holiday Recycling info for Illinois and Missouri

Current Recycling Campaigns:  

Stick with the 6

Recycle Plastic Bags and Wraps

Bags2Bench Tour

Too Good To Waste (food waste reduction campaign)

What Happens to My Recycling?

Partner Resources


Stick with the Six

Loose, clean and dry!

To keep food waste out of recycling, please give your recyclables a good rinse and dry them whenever possible.  Keep your items loose (not bagged), and always flatten your cardboard so there is more room for recyclables!

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Current Recycling Campaigns

What Happens to My Recycling?

Check out the Living St. Louis Recycling segment to find out more about how your recycling is sorted, and why it is so important to avoid contamination. 

 Partner Resources

Unsure if something is recyclable? Check out the St. Louis City Recycling Database to find out!

The Recycle Responsibly Toolkit allows you to share the resources provided above and help spread the word about how to recycle right. 

Learn more about recycling in your community:

Funding for the Recycle Responsibly project is provided by the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.