The overall goal of the St. Louis Regional Climate Action Plan is to document a path for the region to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. This will be accomplished by:

  • Creating an inventory of activities planned and already under way in the St. Louis MSA
  • Analyzing the possibility of scaling the existing projects up
  • Estimating the carbon reduction potential of the existing and scaled-up projects
  • Laying the groundwork for new projects needed to fill the gap in emissions reduction to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

East-West Gateway will use this process to review the goals, objectives and strategies in OneSTL and update the relevant sections that contain carbon-reduction recommendations.

If you have any questions about this process, you can contact us here. To stay up to date about the regional climate action planning process, subscribe to the OneSTL monthly newsletter here


Project ideas for the Climate Pollution Reduction Grants in the St. Louis region were due to East-West Gateway Council of Governments by November 30, 2023, to allow time to perform the necessary emissions reductions analyses.

A Priority Climate Action Plan was developed starting in the fall of 2023 and was due to the EPA on March 1, 2024.

Implementation grant applications for projects identified in the Priority Climate Action Plan were due on April 1, 2024 .

A Comprehensive Climate Action Plan will be due in August of 2025.

Updates / How to Contribute

Information about the Climate Action Plan was rolled out at the September OneSTL Sustainability Lab (view the recording here). OneSTL partners discussed opportunities to submit a collaborative, regional application for a Climate Pollution Reduction implementation grant and collaborated with the State of Missouri on an application, which was due April 1, 2024. In order to be eligible for an implementation grant, projects had to be covered in a Priority Climate Action Plan. Priority Climate Action Plans were due to the EPA by March 1, 2024. The submitted plans are available below: 

St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area
State of Missouri
State of Illinois

A full Climate Action Plan for the St. Louis region will be completed by August of 2025. To stay up to date about the planning process, subscribe to the OneSTL monthly newsletter here. You can also reach the planning team with questions here.

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