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Take Transit & Advocate for Transit June 20

Author: Anna Chott, East-West Gateway Council of Governments

Join others across our bi-state region in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by taking transit on “Dump the Pump” Day on June 20. Transit riders can save more than $13,000 per year by using public transit instead of driving. Commuters who are new to transit may register for one of 100 free monthly transit passes for the month of July. This event is coordinated by Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT), St. Clair County Transit District, and Metro Transit, in conjunction with National “Dump the Pump” Day.

Do you think transit where you live is too slow? Many planning processes underway present an opportunity to voice support for public transit improvements in your community. These improvements can include aspects of Bus Rapid Transit or more mixed-use, compact development to make transit, walking, and biking easier. Current plans underway include the City of St. Louis's Transportation & Mobility Plan and Strategic Land Use Plan, St. Louis County's Comprehensive Plan, and Jefferson County's Master Plan and Walk Bike Plan. See if your local government has a planning process coming up where you can give input.