Transit Oriented Development

Northside-Southside TOD Study

Prepared by the City of St. Louis - This study is a joint effort by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the City of Saint Louis, and St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC). The Study is funded with a portion of the $4.7 million Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments. The aforementioned grant is funding additional sustainability planning efforts throughout the St. Louis Region.

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Technical Assistance Panels for Proposed Metrolink Stations

Prepared by Citizens for Modern Transit - At the invitation of Citizens for Modern Transit in partnership with Metro, ULI St. Louis was asked to form Technical Assistance Panels to address possible development around proposed Metrolink stations, including:

  • The Grand MetroLink Station located at Grand Avenue, below the Grand Avenue bridge Download Full Report
  • UMSL South MetroLink (light rail) Station located on the campus of the University of Missouri–St. Louis Download Full Report
  • Cortex Station, in Midtown St. Louis, between Boyle and Sarah Avenues Download Full Report

TOD Best Practices Guide - CMT

Prepared by Citizens for Modern Transit - More than two decades ago Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) began its mission to introduce MetroLink to the St. Louis metropolitan area. Since its opening in 1993, ridership has exceeded expectations with an average of 60,000 people choosing MetroLink each day during summer months. Because of MetroLink’s integration with the bus system, St. Louisans once again have a public transit system competitive with automobile travel. CMT members have played key roles in the passage of funding measures for the expansion of MetroLink and other transportation improvements in the region.

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TOD Best Practices Guide - Metro

Prepared by Metro Transit - In April 2010, Metro announced approval of the St. Louis region’s first long-range transit plan, Moving Transit Forward. The plan is the product of close consultation and cooperation between Metro, East-West Gateway Council of Governments, community stakeholders, and the general public. It establishes a shared vision for expanding and improving the regional transit system over the next thirty years. One of the central conclusions that emerged from the long-range planning process was the need to realize more sustainable development throughout the region. 

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TOD Framework Master Plan

Prepared by East-West Gateway Council of Governments - East-West Gateway Council of Governments, in conjunction with Metro and a host of regional stakeholder organizations, completed this TOD Framework Master Plan as part of the Regional TOD Study for the St Louis region in 2012. While a number of studies and efforts have analyzed and documented the appropriate strategies and lessons learned pertaining to larger light rail systems in coastal metropolitan areas in America, the St Louis region, and metro regions in Mid-America in general, have not benefited from as much planning concerning how to move transit-oriented development forward. 

TOD Market Study

Prepared by East-West Gateway Council of Governments - The MetroLink system and its 37 stations were built in stages from the mid-1990s through 2006, when the last segment of the Blue Line was completed. Today, the MetroLink light rail system provides convenient connections and efficient service between many destinations in the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, East St. Louis, and St. Clair County. Most transit riders access MetroLink by driving to a station and parking their vehicle on surface lots or in parking structures operated by Metro; the system does not offer many opportunities to live and work near the stations while using transit as a primary means of travel.

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