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Recycling Everything Else

Author: Aaron Young, Sustainability Planning Manager at East-West Gateway Council of Governments


Most conversations about recycling involve curbside pick-up or municipal drop-off, which is generally referred to as the single-stream recycling system. That system is designed to get the bulk of recyclable materials from the consumer to the recycling processor. However, many recyclable items do NOT belong in your curbside pick-up bin or municipal/county drop-off site

St. Louis City Recycles maintains a searchable database of recycling sites for almost anything. It’s not always easy, nearby, or free, but there are ways to recycle a majority of household items. And there are recycling locations across the entire St. Louis metropolitan area, including in Missouri and Illinois. 

Browse for your items of interest through the drop-down menus and enter your zip code. And above all else, always remember the order of the three Rs: reduce and reuse before you recycle!