Tuesday May 29, 2018 Sustainability Lab @ T-Rex Agenda

Open networking will take place from 3:30 to 7:00 in the T-Rex common area on the 5th floor.

To help us prepare for the Lab, please fill out this Google form and let us know which sessions you plan on attending.


3:30-4:45 Session A: Electric Transportation in the St. Louis Region

Pioneers providing electric vehicle (EV) transportation and infrastructure will discuss current projects, trends and the future of EV in the St. Louis region. Electric Cab North America provides last mile services and event mobility via microtransit. Regent Power is a St. Louis-based start-up providing Smart-city technology, microgrids and EV charging stations. Find out what's going on, where we are headed, and what hurdles we need to overcome.

Presenters: Gene Foster, VP of Business Development and Project Manager, Regent Power
                    Mark Minden, National Account Manager, Electric Cab of North America

3:30-4:45 Session B: NAACP Energy Justice Roundtable

This session seeks to further the NAACP’s Missouri Just Energies Policy objectives.  This session will focus on discussing incentives to encourage energy efficiency measures in the homes where low income persons tend to reside (i.e. rental and multifamily). NAACP also is engaged with Ameren and is seeking partners on a potential pilot project in a low income community or community of color.

Moderated by: Bruce Morrison, Attourney, Great Rivers Environmental Law Center

5:15-6:30 Session A: ISSP Sustainability Drivers - Sustainability Literacy - Arming professionals with the right information to make sustainable decisions

There is a need for society to understand the significance and cause of human interaction on the degradation of the environment.  To ensure people are armed with the right information to make the best possible decisions in their professions, we must educate our society on sound environmental, social, and financial reasoning.  As education plays a crucial role in the adoption of sustainable development in society, we need to ensure people are sustainability literate.  Sustainability literacy not only encompasses people’s knowledge of sustainability aspects, but their willingness to act on these issues.    If we are expecting our world to change and incorporate sustainable development principles in their professional roles and personal lives, we must understand their level of knowledge and their willingness to act.

In this session attendees will learn how to discuss sustainability literacy, methods currently in use to assess literacy levels, and results from an international assessment on student sustainability literacy.  In addition, we will discuss possibilities to assess sustainability literacy in your workplace and different educational sources available to develop sustainability literacy.

Presenter: Brandon Verhoff, Ph.D, Sr. Specialist, Budgets & Reporting, Caleres Inc

5:15-6:30 Session B: Living a Post Global Warming Lifestyle - How to Build a Drawdown Community

Living a Post Global Warming Lifestyle: How to Build a Drawdown Community. We will review several ways to leave global warming, social fragmentation and lots of other seemingly endemic challenges behind. Using the list of already demonstrated and documented ways from Drawdown, we will illustrate how they are expanded exponentially in an ecovillage setting. Participants will leave empowered to take action to address global warming and other challenges by creating community.

Presenters: Tom Braford, Co-Owner, Irresistible Community Builders, LLC
                    Lindsey Buening, Remiger Design
                    James Forbes, Good Life Growing