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Tuesday April 24, 2018 Sustainability Lab @ T-Rex Agenda

Open networking will take place from 3:30 to 7:00 in the T-Rex common area on the 5th floor.

To help us prepare for the Lab, please fill out this Google form and let us know which sessions you plan on attending.


3:30-4:45 Session A: NAACP Energy Justice Roundtable

This session seeks to further the NAACP’s Missouri Just Energies Policy objectives.  This session will focus on discussing incentives to encourage energy efficiency measures in the homes where low income persons tend to reside (i.e. rental and multifamily). NAACP also is engaged with Ameren and is seeking partners on a potential pilot project in a low income community or community of color.

Moderated by: Bruce Morrison, Attourney, Great Rivers Environmental Law Center

3:30-4:45 Session B: EcoBlock - Designing Ownership Models for Inclusion, Equity & Democracy

Neighborhood Sustainability involves (re)designing social structures for inclusion, democracy, equity for low income residents, ownership of commons, health, ecological stewardship, and social options. Legal models of ownership form the basis of neighborhood social structure but these are rarely re-examined for their detraction or contribution to social sustainability. Students in the Washington University's Sustainability Exchange have been evaluating various models of ownership and will propose a hybrid model to promoted the vitality and resiliency of a neighborhood EcoBlock.

Moderated by: Craig Scandrett-Leatherman
Presenters: Allison Wolfe
                   Eddie Campell
                   Ian Corbet
                   Remy Hutheesing

5:15-6:30 Session A: Food Access - Creating a “local food” brand in the St. Louis region

The St. Louis Food Policy Coalition is aiming to create a regional branding of local food in order to uplift environmentally responsible farmers by promoting their products at markets, restaurants, institutions, etc. Join us to learn more about the goals of the brand and to provide input as a potential local food consumer.

Moderated by: Rae Miller, Gibron Jones-Burchett, and Ally Siegler

5:15-6:30 Session B: Wash U Sustainability Exchange - Regional GHG Inventory

Students in the Washington University Sustainability Exchange built upon the previous semester's research into conducting a regional greenhouse gas inventory.  They will present their findings and conclusions from this semester's research.

Moderated by: Raymond Ehrhard, Wash U · Department of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering