2017 Sustainability Summit - Call for Sponsorship

The planning committee is seeking sponsorship for the 2017 Sustainability Summit: Setting Targets for our Shared Future.  This will be a precedent-setting event you won’t want to miss out on.  As a region, we have a robust foundation for sustainability: a strong, collectively developed regional sustainability plan (OneSTL), a thorough City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan, and a multitude of initiatives dedicated to making the St. Louis region a more sustainable and resilient place. This conference seeks to move these frameworks forward by identifying specific targets and goals that lead to strategies to achieve a sustainable, equitable future. This effort builds on OneSTL, and other plans and studies conducted across the region. Your financial support will help to bring everyone together to define regional goals for the future.


The summit will feature seven different sustainability themes.  Find out more about what attendees can expect to learn and contribute to and the opportunity to participate in a post-summit workshop.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Find out more about the different levels and benefits of sponsorship.