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2017 Summit Homepage

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The 2017 Sustainability Summit partners are proud to announce the inaugural St. Louis region-wide sustainability conference that will take place on April 5, 2017 at the Eric P. Newman Education Center located on the Washington University campus.   The theme for the 2017 Sustainability Summit is Setting Targets for our Shared Future. 

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Summit goals

  • Build regional momentum and solidarity
  • Identify metrics/goals and set targets
  • Identify strategies to achieve targets
  • Kick-off a forum for on-going conversations

As a region, we have a robust foundation for sustainability efforts: a strong, collectively developed regional sustainability plan (OneSTL), a thorough City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan, and a multitude of efforts, individuals, and initiatives dedicated to making the St. Louis region a more sustainable and resilient place.  Local governments, non-profits, elected officials, infrastructure providers, community leaders, academics, students and all other attendees will learn from regional and national leaders striving to set and achieve sustainability goals in their own cities or regions.  Through knowledge sharing and networking, attendees will learn and apply innovative approaches to setting and achieving sustainability targets for the St. Louis region. Together, we will grow our capacity to advance the St. Louis region’s path towards a sustainable, resilient and equitable future.