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OneSTL was developed through a 3-year planning process that was funded through a grant received by East-West Gateway and 10 core partners with the goal of fostering economically competitive, opportunity-rich communities that serve as the foundation of a healthy St. Louis region.

Information regarding the process of developing OneSTL is included below.

  • Committees - There were four committees that involve over 200 members who worked collaboratively to engage in an inclusive and comprehensive regional planning process. The Steering Committee was the primary governing body of the planning process with East-West Gateway chairing the committee and serving as the fiscal agent of the grant. The Technical Planning, Public Engagement and Outcome Management committees each had specific tasks within the HUD-approved work plan.
  • Partners - The Consortium Partners were the 11 organizations that are committed to the grant through a legally binding agreement with HUD. HUD required that the traditional principal city (City of St. Louis), the county with the largest population (St. Louis County), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (East-West Gateway) and a regional public engagement organization (FOCUS St. Louis) be included in the planning process. The remaining Consortium Partners were selected based on their willingness and capacity to contribute to the RPSD. Each of the Consortium Partners were represented on the Steering Committee and were actively engaged in building a regional plan for St. Louis.
  • Newsletters - Newsletters were sent out to committee members and other interested people to keep them informed of current activities and upcoming meetings and events.  The newsletters distributed during the planning process are archived here.

Sustainable Communities Initiative Planning Grant Information

On October 14, 2010 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the award of nearly $100 million in grants to support more livable and sustainable communities across the country. In the news release, HUD announced the St. Louis region would receive $4.7 million in funding “to build economic competitiveness by connecting housing with good jobs, quality schools and transportation”.

The grant is part of the federal government’s new emphasis on integrated planning, where transportation, housing and environmental issues are linked to create more sustainable and economically vibrant communities. The program is part of a growing recognition that citizens and urban leaders need to understand how rising fuel prices, a struggling economy, an unstable housing market and concern over climate change combine to affect the quality of life in their counties, cities, and neighborhoods.

In January 2011, East-West Gateway began negotiating an award agreement with HUD. After the approval of the award agreement, East-West Gateway negotiated agreements with the ten other Partners who are sub-awardees.  Their specific tasks and goals as they relate to the overall project were refined at that time. The official start date of the three-year planning grant was February 15, 2011. Over the three-year period the 11 Consortium Partners will be working together and with other organizations on building a St. Louis Regional Plan for Sustainable Development based on the HUD-approved Work Plan.

Work Plan Documents

General Information

HUD Planning Grant Application

August 20, 2010

Regional Sustainable Communities

The Regional Sustainable Communities Planning Grant offers the St. Louis region an opportunity to launch St. Louis to the next level of sustainable community planning and economic development. Building on initiatives already underway in St. Louis, like Great Rivers Greenway, Trailnet, and East-West Gateway's Renewing the Region initiative, local governments, the private sector and other regional organizations will work together under one collaborative umbrella to make better decisions across sectors, like transportation, housing and the environment.