Measuring Progress

For each of the nine theme areas, a set of measures was chosen that indicate if the region is making progress in meeting the goals and objectives of the plan. Analysis of the indicators will better equip the region to make data driven decisions, set priorities, evaluate the effectiveness of the plan, and revise the plan to achieve success. The implementation committee will create and work with a performance measurement working group and East-West staff to set specific target goals for at least some of the performance indicators. The targets will be designed as specific, measurable, relevant, and attainable time-bound goals. will be updated regularly with current data for the indicators as well as additional information that gives the region a better understanding of what the measurements mean.

OneSTL Report to The Region is an annual report to the community that will summarize the region's progress in meeting the goals and objectives of the plan based on the performance indicators and reports from OneSTL Network members on what they are doing to make the St. Louis region more sustainable.

A performance measurement working group will be comprised of those in the region who work closely with data, particularly the performance indicators of OneSTL and potential future indicators. The committee will advise EWG staff on updates to the performance measurements and review the indicators on an annual basis to ensure they are the best data by which to measure the region’s progress in meeting the goals.