How Will OneSTL Be Implemented?

OneSTL tools and resources were created through the planning process to assist Network Members in implementing the OneSTL goals and objectives. These tools and resources will continually be updated and revised based on additional input and needs. Updates can be found at

Strategies are ideas for how St. Louis area residents and organizations can contribute to achieving the regional goals. The list will be updated, expanded and adapted to the needs of the region and available resources. As strategies and Network Members are added, updates will be maintained at

Sustainable Solutions Toolkit is an online resource that provides ideas, instructions and case studies for programs, projects and policies that local governments, community organizations, citizens, and business owners can incorporate into their initiatives and daily activities. This web-based resource currently includes over 100 tools or solutions. The toolkit will be updated with new information on the existing tools and will be expanded to include new tools and resources. Additionally, the toolkit provides a catalogue of locally-implemented example projects and case studies. Visit

Regional Data Exchange is a web-based resource that provides access to a range of data and maps for the St. Louis region. The data exchange was created as a way for those working with data in the St. Louis region to easily share and access common datasets. The Exchange provides users with the ability to search for local data, create and share interactive maps, and access ready-made maps. Visit

Reference Materials including plans, best practices, and how-to manuals are provided as tools to help partners, local governments and other organizations develop and implement OneSTL strategies as well as their own sustainability plans. Visit