The St. Louis region is many connected communities at the confluence of two great rivers, sharing one prosperous, healthy, and vibrant future. Together we will build an inclusive and opportunity-rich region that embraces our unique heritage, geography, and diverse communities.

As a region, we value and embrace:

  • Our Residents: a diversified and educated population with an entrepreneurial spirit is the key to meeting the challenges of an unpredictable future;
  • Our Communities: individual but interdependent communities give us the distinctive identity, affordable lifestyles and approachable amenities necessary to attract and retain residents;
  • Our Rivers: the foundation of our rich ecosystem and biodiversity, trade, agricultural productivity, and distinctive geography are our rivers;
  • Our Location: centrality and access to the Midwest and the Nation are the building blocks to a prosperous future in a global economy.

The Regional Plan is available both via the context menu to the right or as a downloadable file.