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Facilitators Handbook

Prepared by Focus St. Louis - For over two decade s, Public Agenda has provided hundreds of communities with design and facilitation support for their public engagement programs at both the community and institutional levels. In all settings, we adhere to ten core principles of public engagement and encou rage our partners to do the same. The ten core principles follow here.

Understanding the public’s starting point and the best ways to communicate with and engage people on tough issues requires careful and systematic listening. Be a lert to the issues nonexperts care about, the

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OneSTL Video

Prepared by East-West Gateway Council of Governments - There are many communities participating and contributing to the OneSTL Regional Plan for Sustainability development. See three examples of local municipality efforts to make the entire region more prosperous, healthy and vibrant for years to come!

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Regional Development Scenario

Prepared by East-West Gateway Council of Governments - Development Scenarios were created during the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development process to establish a setting for public engagement discussions and development of regional goals and objectives. The scenario process involved three separate, but connected, levels of analysis. The first level involved the development of regional Baseline and Alternative Development Scenarios based on land use change projections. The second was an analysis of the Housing + Transportation Index for the St. Louis Region under different projections of gas prices. The third was an analysis of water quality and stormwater runoff

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Regional Economic Development Assessment

Prepared by East-West Gateway Council of Governments - This assessment provides a base set of facts of the St. Louis economy and current economic development activities that was produced with the purpose of informing the St. Louis regional plan for sustainable development, OneSTL. The OneSTL planning team will use the assessment to evaluate how transportation and housing can support expansion of jobs and in developing a regional vision and goals.

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