Our region is changing as we advance into the 21st century. Along with shifting population, the rising costs of infrastructure, water, energy, and public services call for a reevaluation of current practices. Moving forward, we must protect and maintain our most valued assets and strive for greater livability and social equity, while advancing our position in the nation and the world.

Like many regions throughout the Midwest and the nation, the St. Louis region faces a number of challenges brought about by aging infrastructure, global markets, shifting industrial sectors, and the economic downturn. OneSTL was developed to address the challenges that the region faces by building upon our existing assets and taking advantage of new opportunities. The regional profile summarizes the key trends and projections that characterize the St. Louis region now and over the coming decades. While it is tempting to view these challenges simply as problems to solve, a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to regional planning will allow St. Louis to capitalize on existing opportunities to fulfill the vision of a healthy and prosperous future.