OneSTL will achieve a prosperous, healthy, and vibrant future for the region by identifying and taking advantage of key opportunities in the St. Louis area. These opportunities respond to the unique physical and socio-economic context of the region and comprise the key implementation priorities of OneSTL.

OneSTL is a framework for broad communication, collaboration and action. The primary implementation items of the plan are Strategies, which are presented in detail in Chapter 4. OneSTL operates in the physical and regulatory environment of the St. Louis region. This context enables the OneSTL Network to address regional challenges by capitalizing on unique regional strengths and assets.

The metropolitan land-use, transportation, social and economic systems, and regional landscapes tie the communities in the region to one another and link the region to the Midwest and nation as a whole. Planning for sustainability as the foundation for the future will help ensure that people can live and work in healthy and prosperous communities with transportation, employment, housing, education, and recreation opportunities that create a better quality of life.

Planning for sustainability as the foundation for the future will help ensure that people can live and work in healthy and prosperous communities.

Regional opportunities include 1) Economic Development, 2) Social Capital, 3) Blue, Gray & Green Infrastructure, 4) Transportation, and 5) Local Communities. Each regional opportunity is correlated with goals, which are presented in detail in Chapter 4 of this document.


Collaboration is an essential element of a resilient and growing economy. National trends over the past two decades support the notion that a collaborative approach toward economic development is better for overall economic prosperity for cities, towns, and suburbs alike. Metropolitan regions, not cities, now compete in the global marketplace.


The greatest natural resource that the St. Louis region possesses is its citizens. Addressing changing demographics, meeting a diverse set of needs, and encouraging entrepreneurship are keys to ensuring that all citizens have the opportunity to participate in current and future regional success.


The St. Louis region is defined by the confluence of America’s two great rivers and its unique landscapes. By utilizing an interconnected and multi-functional network of blue, gray, and green infrastructure, the region can enhance water quality, improve community health and safety, and reduce infrastructure costs to local governments and individual citizens.


Transportation is the link between regional land uses. An efficient and effective transportation system serves the region's citizens as well as businesses and industries; protects the environment; and promotes the economic and population growth of the St. Louis area.


To the citizens of our region, St. Louis is defined by its local communities. OneSTL provides tools and voluntary support to our local communities to improve the diversity of housing opportunities and access to transportation and services, which in turn create a broad variety of choices about the kinds of neighborhoods where we choose to live.