OneSTL is a plan for creating a prosperous, healthy, and vibrant St. Louis region. The Plan includes a vision, goals and objectives that outline what the people of St. Louis want for the future of the region as well as strategies, tools and resources for achieving the OneSTL vision. OneSTL Network Members will implement the plan.

Who will implement OneSTL?

The OneSTL Network Members will implement the plan by pursuing relevant strategies and coordinating with one another. The Network is comprised of local governments, organizations, businesses and residents who support the plan. An implementation committee will lead the Network and ensure OneSTL remains current.

How will OneSTL be implemented?

Network Members will use strategies, tools and resources created through the planning process and will use the Network to share their successes, coordinate funding and collaborate on achieving the goals of OneSTL.

What does a Sustainable St. Louis look like?

The vision for the future of the St. Louis region is expressed in nine Themes. These nine Themes describe what the people of the Many Communities of the St. Louis region want for the region’s One Future. Specific goals, objectives, and strategies are listed under each Theme.

When will it be implemented?

Implementation of OneSTL has already begun. OneSTL Network Members are already pursuing some of the plan’s strategies and invite others to join the Network. Implementation will be ongoing with continual communication and an annual Report to the Region.