Components of the Plan

OneSTL includes a vision, goals, strategies, as well as practical tools, resources and plans to encourage regional collaboration and local action to build a healthy, vibrant and prosperous region. OneSTL requires many partners to implement. Although eleven partners began the process three years ago, the goals, objectives and strategies already identify 45 additional organizations engaged in this effort. The OneSTL Network will facilitate participation of many additional organizations, local governments and individuals as the plan and related resources are shared throughout the community.

The Plan reflects the shared aspirations of the communities and residents of the St. Louis region. It has been developed in consultation with representatives from throughout the region, including the input of over 2,000 citizens who participated in this visioning process. This OneSTL document is the synthesis of extensive community engagement and many separate studies, reports and plans. This document contains a regional profile in Chapter 2, which provides a snapshot of the region today. A summary of regional opportunities sets a context for regional planning and cooperation in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 outlines how the plan will be implemented including the unifying Themes which identify what residents want for the future of the St. Louis region, and goals, objectives and strategies for becoming a more sustainable region. Chapter 4 also references the Sustainable Solutions Toolkit, which is a web-based resource designed especially to support local governments and neighborhoods that are interested in sustainability planning. The Toolkit and additional resources developed to support local and regional sustainability are all available at Finally, Chapter 4 includes a list of Performance Indicators that will be used to track the progress of the plan and evaluate the region's performance in becoming more sustainable.