Appendix D: Local Community Types

Chapter Appendices

Urban Core

The urban core community type is comprised of regional downtown centers. It contains the tallest buildings in community, hosts the majority commercial and business functions, and contains major regional institutions and governmental centers.

Urban Center

The urban center community type includes the multiple other mixed-use, commercial, and institutional centers embedded within the urban/suburban settlement area of the region.

General Urban

The general urban community type includes traditional neighborhoods and communities that are primarily residential with focused mixed-use and commercial districts (main streets, commercial corners, and neighborhood commercial centers.)


The suburban community type encompasses development that follows typical post-war suburban development patterns. These patterns are defined by singleuse zoning districts, discreet subdivisions access by collector streets, and car-oriented commercial and retail development.


The rural community type includes communities that maintain significant amounts of working agriculture land, or communities in which residential development is situated on large, multi-acre lots.


The natural community type includes parks, preserves, and undeveloped land. These areas can be protected, designated public space or unprotected private lands outside of a local community’s boundary.