Appendix A: Planning Process

Planning a Sustainable Region

OneSTL is an initiative of East-West Gateway, along with ten other Consortium Partners and 23 other organizations. It is the result of a three year planning initiative to create a regional plan for sustainable development for the bi-state St. Louis region. The plan emphasizes regional collaboration among a wide range of institutions, agencies and non-profit organizations as the means to building a sustainable St. Louis.


Appendix C: Resources

The following is a complete list of Consortium Partner plans, studies, and reports that were developed as part of the OneSTL planning process. The full content of each report is available under the "Resources" tab of


Appendix D: Local Community Types

Urban Core

The urban core community type is comprised of regional downtown centers. It contains the tallest buildings in community, hosts the majority commercial and business functions, and contains major regional institutions and governmental centers.