We Are OneSTL Kicks off with Lacy Cagle

OneSTL is proud to present our first "We Are OneSTL" spotlight, featuring Lacy Cagle! We Are OneSTL (WAO) is a series of stories about the many community members collaborating to make the St. Louis region more sustainable. By telling inspirational stories about the people who live and work here, we hope to show what OneSTL is, how everyday people are making a difference, and why working together is essential for increasing regional sustainability.

We spoke with Lacy Cagle about how she became interested in sustainability, her dreams for a brighter future for St. Louis, and how she strives each day to live more sustainably. Of course, we also asked her what OneSTL means to her and why she thinks regional sustainability is essential. Lacy is one of the many volunteers who has been instrumental in planning and promoting the monthly OneSTL Sustainability Lab and is a member of the OneSTL communications strategists team. We are grateful that Lacy spared some of her precious time since she recently welcomes a new baby girl, Ursula Jubilee, to her family.

Here is a sneak peek from our chat with Lacy. 

Photo credit: Jenn DeRose

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo credit: Jenn DeRose

"I grew up in southern Illinois near the Shawnee National Forest and spent lots of time hiking and exploring. My father was a coal miner, and even if professionally he was not an environmentalist, he cared about conserving energy and water in our home. Both of my parents cared about not wasting resources, and conservation values were part of growing up. My whole life, I saw that things were connected..." read more and follow #WAO on instagram @onestl_sustainability.