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BiomeSTL: A Regional Vision, Atlas, and Action Plan

Biodiverse communities = strong, sustainable communities

Today, metropolitan regions are driving changes to our living lands and waters.

As part of the OneSTL Regional Sustainability Plan, the multi-sector Biodiversity Working Group—a subcommittee of BiodiverseCity St. Louis—has developed a single target: By 2025, 100% of counties in the metropolitan St. Louis region are using a regional biodiversity vision and atlas to actively guide their planning, policies, and practices in ways that increase habitat connectivity, ecological functionality, and quality of life for all.

An evolving project of the BiodiverseCity St. Louis network of organizations and individuals, BiomeSTL: Biodiversity of Metropolitan St. Louis is shaping up to serve as the catalytic vision, practical atlas, and detailed strategy for a bi-state region connected by nature. Part ecological data directory, species inventory, best practices guide, and aspirational plan, BiomeSTL is a citizen science and stewardship project at its core. It is designed not only to help urban planners, municipalities, counties, and developers maximize the benefits of biodiversity for their respective communities but also to equip citizens with a greater understanding and appreciation of local biodiversity. This knowledge strengthens place-based connections, advances a culture of community-driven land stewardship, and promotes healthy, active, and nature-rich living.

Biodiversity makes possible every aspect of our lives. The living world all around us—including our lands and waters—is directly responsible for  the clean air and water, soil, and food we depend on. Healthier and more connected ecological systems support  diversity of life, which results in  greater functionality, resilience, and sustainability.

Biodiverse communities are strong, sustainable communities. To encourage increased biodiversity, BiomeSTL aims  to put healthy, vibrant lands and waters at the center of how we connect with, design, plan, and sustain the places we live, work, and play.

BiomeSTL is currently recruiting multi-disciplinary teams to help develop and advance core elements of this important initiative. To learn more and get involved, send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..