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Tuesday October 30, 2018 Sustainability Lab @ T-Rex Agenda

Open networking will take place from 3:30 to 7:00 in the T-Rex common area on the 5th floor.

To help us prepare for the Lab, please fill out this Google form and let us know which sessions you plan on attending.


3:30-3:45 Check-In

3:45-5:00 Session A: SIUE Successful Communities Collaborative (EPIC)

SIUE's  Successful Communities Collaborative (SCC) is a new sustainability-focused initiative based on the  EPIC model. Change is often difficult for cities because they lack the political space, knowledge, capacity, or time. In many ways, these are the very things that Universities have in abundance. SCC brings together creative students who are hungry to apply what they are learning in the classroom to meaningful projects in the community. In this session, we will outline the EPIC model and share outcomes from our pilot year partnerships, as well as highlights from our inaugural partnership.

Presented by: Connie Frey-Spurlock, Sociology Program, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

3:45-5:00 Session B: What Planners Do and Their Role in Creating Sustainable Communities

Creating sustainable communities -- including the economic prosperity, environmental health and social equity aspects -- involves many challenges. In creating sustainable communities, planners collaborate to create solutions and implement policies that help lower consumption of natural resources, provide practical approaches to land use and reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Planning involves many specializations such as: Community Activism/Empowerment; Community Development; Comprehensive/Long-Range Planning; Economic Development; Environmental/Natural Resources Planning; Food Systems Planning; Hazard Mitigation/Disaster Recovery Planning; Historic Preservation; Housing; Land Use & Code Enforcement; Parks & Recreation; Planning Management/Finance; Transportation Planning; and Urban Design. These specializations help lead to new sustainable solutions that can include green buildings and housing, mixed-use developments, walkability, greenways and open spaces and transportation options. Planners work to improve the welfare of people and their communities, shaping their urban areas and neighborhoods into healthier, more efficient spaces.

Come learn more about the principles, processes and attributes of planners and how they work toward comprehensive plan standards for sustaining communities. We will explore the role of planners and creating sustainable communities in the context of equity and community capitalism to ensure that fairness and well-being are inclusive of all people in providing for housing, services, health, safety and the built environment.

Presented by: Brian Hurd, Rise Community Development

3:45-5:00 Session C: Energy Justic Roundtable

Energy and climate change are civil rights issues.

On April 30, 2018, in a joint filing with the Missouri Public Service Commission, Ameren Missouri and the NAACP agreed to work together to identify opportunities to provide affordable, renewable energy to persons who reside in low income or minority communities within Ameren Missouri’s service territory. Ameren Missouri now is ready to explore these opportunities.

The primary objective of this session is to exchange suggestions and ideas with Ameren Missouri for providing affordable and renewable power to low income and minority communities within its service territory. The session will begin with a short presentation by Ameren Missouri’s Matt Michaels and then will move to the low-income/minority community brainstorming segment.

Moderated by: Bruce Morrison, General Counsel, Great Rivers Environmental Law Center and Chair of Missouri NAACP Environmental Justice Committee

5:30-7:00 OneSTL Targets Website Launch and Recognition Event

Celebrate our common vision!  Join us as we bring together the community members and institutions who are leading us toward a prosperous, healthy, and vibrant region. Meet endorsers of the OneSTL Sustainability Targets and find out how you can make a difference while celebrating the launch of the website with food and drink! The celebration starts at 5:30 pm on the 5th floor of T-Rex.


Experienced sustainability and planning professionals will be available on-site for one-on-one discussions to share their knowledge and experience.  If you would like to talk to one of the volunteer mentors, please fill in the Lab google form.  There will be a sign-in sheet at the Lab registration table to pick a time to speak with the mentors.

Kyle Crawford - available 3:45-5:00

Kyle Crawford is Co-founder of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) and able to speak to the ISSP organization in general, or, their  professional certifications covering the historical and trans-disciplinary knowledge sets that define a sustainability professional. Being versed in global topics is only useful of you can translate them to regional norms and motivations. ISSP is a venue for those global topics, and the Greater St. Louis Chapter is focused on that regionalization.