New Partners for Smart Growth Conference coming to St. Louis

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference is coming to St. Louis February 2-4, 2017 at the Mariott St. Louis Grand Hotel. This year the conference organizers have made a strong commitment to ensure that New Partners 2017 is significantly connected to the city and region in which the event is being held. Furthermore, the conference wants to provide some level of focused technical assistance and tangible leave-behinds that will continue to have a positive, lasting impact after the conference leaves St. Louis.  There are several events planned before the conference begins on tactical urbanism installments, youth engagement and the Regional Arts Commission Neighborhood Place Challenge that provide hands on learning opportunities out in St. Louis.

On Wednesday (Feb. 1st), a free afternoon workshop will be open to the public and all conference participants at the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel. This four-hour+ workshop will focus on providing strategies, tools, resources and case studies covering the ins-and-outs of tactical urbanism, the integration of arts into placemaking efforts, crowdfunding and other fundraising tools, and the importance of and how to engage youth in placemaking efforts. The workshop will feature local and national experts, successful case studies, and will focus on the HOW TO of getting these things done. This workshop will also share the outcomes from the Neighborhood Place Challenge.