New resource added to Sustainable Solutions Toolkit

In the fall of 2015, the Missouri Chapter of the American Planning Association collaborated with Trailnet, the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Partnership, the City of St. Louis, and community residents to tackle the concern of traffic-related deaths by hosting four pop-up traffic calming demonstrations within the City of St. Louis. The successful pop-up traffic calming demonstrations showcased proven methods of slowing traffic and increasing safety with traffic calming designs.


The demonstrations were used to educate community members, elected officials, and city staff on how we can work together to create safer, more vibrant, and healthier communities. These educational events have the potential to influence policy change for better street design. Further, the demonstrations help visualize safer streets, which can lead to healthier communities and encourage active life­styles. They are also an opportunity for the community to come together and start a dialogue on how we can work together to improve our street designs.  Slow Your Street: A How-To Guide for Pop-Up Traffic Calming was developed to share experiences and provide resources and tools for anyone interested in implementing their own traffic calming dem­onstration. Individuals who use this guide will be empow­ered to implement their own pop-up traffic calming dem­onstration to help create safer streets in their neighborhoods for people using all modes of transportation.  Video of  Trailnet’s traffic calming demonstrations can be found here or Extended Cut here.  The guide has been added to OneSTL’s Sustainable Solutions toolkit page and can be found here.