OneSTL Regional Working Groups

OneSTL Working Groups are ad hoc committees intended to convene organizations and individuals whose work and/or interests help achieve regional goals and objectives contained in OneSTL.  One distinguishing factor that these working groups offer is that OneSTL acts a neutral convener with a regional perspective.  This provides a context for the groups to apply a holistic, regional lens to a specific topic within the wider context of sustainability.

See the sidebar for information on the next regional food system working group meetup.  The focus will be the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition and Make Health Happen.  Anyone is welcome to attend.


A regional food system working group has started to convene followed by a blue, gray, green infrastructure working group operating in association with the Water Resources Committee chaired by East-West Gateway.  Other working groups that are in the pipeline are energy, community development and transit-oriented development.  By convening as a group with a regional perspective, working groups will contribute to:

  • increasing regional communications and information exchange

  • developing a greater understanding of each other’s work and goals

  • identifying common issues and challenges and developing solutions

  • defining and evaluating regional systems and services

  • bridging gaps in knowledge, capacity, action, and policy across sectors and jurisdictions

  • avoiding funding competition and expanding funding options

  • measuring progress in the region

  • discovering common goals and utilizing synergies between the OneSTL Working Groups

If you are interested in joining a regional working group please take this survey.