Seeking Toolkit Comments

Dear Committee Members:

Below is a link to the website that contains the Best Practices Toolkit for OneSTL.... Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We loaded all of the information we received from various committee members; however, the toolkit is still a work in progress. There are more tools we intend to add and there are significant gaps in to the tools that we have. Over the next couple weeks we need you all as experts to review the tools related to your areas of interest. We are looking to you to help fill gaps, correct inconsistencies, and ensure content accuracy. It is not too late to submit information on a new toolkit item.

A link to a comment form is available at the bottom of each tool's page. The form states that the comment period is open until July 31, but I would like to ask that you review a tool or two as soon as possible and submit comments so that we can start making edits. Please submit a separate comment form for each tool for which you have suggestions.  If you have a suggestion and information for a new tool, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please pay particular attention to the Case Studies. We want to make sure that we have the best case studies that the region has to offer from both sides of the river.

Also on the website, for you to access, we will be loading the sustainability images created for the CPA meetings, the draft deliverables to-date from our partners, and the most recent version of the goals and objectives.

Please do NOT redistribute this weblink or any of the other resources. These are meant as internal documents for review by our committee members. They are not ready to be released to a larger audience.

Thank you,

Aaron Young
Sustainability Planning Manager
East-West Gateway