RFP: Consultant Services to Develop and Produce a Plan for Sustainable Development in the St. Louis Region

East-West Gateway is seeking proposals from a consultant or a team of consultants with expertise in sustainable development/practices and regional plan development to provide planning services as part of the Regional Sustainable Communities Planning Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Services will include workshops, multiple public engagement events, pilot studies, and to work closely with the Council staff to create a draft and final plan for sustainable development for the St. Louis region.

The challenge for this project will be in distilling all of the various deliverables, data, and information currently being collected by East-West Gateway, its partners and consultants and combining it into a cohesive, practical, and functional package that local residents can use to incorporate sustainable practices into their local communities. A consultant is be sought to help East-West Gateway distill the visions of many community planning areas and many organizations into one regional plan with vision and values that will unite the region while enabling communities to retain autonomy and local vision, values and actions.

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