VolunTEEN Nation

In a Nutshell

VolunTEEN Nation is a youth-led national non-profit organization with volunteer, intern and scholarship resources for youth, schools, & nonprofit organizations.

Project Information


We believe the first step to any change is understanding.  Volunteering can cultivate the empathy necessary to address social injustices and heal divisions within communities. Our team consists of middle school, high school and college students from across the country, but we are based in St. Louis.

What we do:

Help you find a place to volunteer
Our database of volunteer opportunities is searchable by interest, location and age restriction. And there is no other volunteer opportunity search engine like it on the web.

Lead service projects
Our team leads service projects nationwide. Our goal is to not only engage as many youth as possible in each event, but to guide participants to become actively involved in their community. Contact us to get involved as a VolunTEEN Nation Ambassador!

Inspire and offer guidance
Our blogs range from inspiring service stories, to tips for receiving a community service grant, to interviews of community service celebrity-advocates.

Share community service-based resources
Find community-service related grants and scholarships through our website and social media feeds.


VolunTEEN Nation offers several ways to get involved:

Add a Volunteer Opportunity: Submit an organization's youth or family-friendly volunteer opportunity to add to the site.

Spotlight a Project: Describe a project that youth are running in the community. We will select projects to feature on the blog.

Nominate a Volunteer: Tell us about someone you admire making a difference in the community. We will select youth and feature them as Volunteen of the Week.

Financial Resources: See our compiled list of grant and scholarship opportunities.



The services offered by VolunTEEN Nation help meet several regional goals including:

OneSTL Theme: Inclusive
Goal 1: Improve access to opportunities.
     Objective: Increase opportunities for youth to have high quality, meaningful, safe access to education, job training, art, physical activity, and social interactions.

OneSTL Theme: Educated
Goal 3: Increase citizen participation.
     Objective: Educate youth, adults, and community leaders about the importance of civic engagement and community service.



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