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Members in the OneSTL Network are seeking partners to apply for a grant from the Surdna Foundation within the Sustainable Environments Program

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The Sustainable Environments Program is working to overhaul our country’s outdated and crumbling infrastructure with a new approach that will foster healthier, sustainable, and just communities.  Surdna believes in the potential of what is called “next generation infrastructure” to improve transit systems, make buildings more energy efficient, better manage our water systems and rebuild regional food systems. Focusing on urban areas and their surrounding suburbs, Surdna seeks solutions that connect and improve these infrastructure systems in ways that maximize positive impacts and minimize negative environmental, economic and social consequences.  Grants available in the program include:

  • Sustainable Transportation Networks & Equitable Development Patterns
    • In support of clean, affordable, equitable, high-quality and efficient transportation and land use development that better connects critical services, jobs, schools, housing and other regional destinations.
  • Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment
    • In support of efforts to help people make homes, businesses and other buildings more energy efficient.
  • Urban Water Management
    • In support of efforts to capture storm water and slowly release it into the existing network of drains, pipes and sewers, or reuse it where it falls to cultivate natural green spaces.
  • Regional Food Supply
    • In support of ways to make it easier to get local, sustainably produced food from our farms to the markets closest to where it’s grown, and to better connect food producers and consumers.

Surdna seeks to fund organizations that:

  • Promote meaningful collaborations and an integrated approach to infrastructure solutions (i.e., ways in which transportation, energy, water, and food systems can be combined);
  • Focus on infrastructure decisions that better meet the needs of historically underserved communities including low-income communities and people of color;
  • Promote long-term solutions and leverage strategic infrastructure investments;
  • Highlight, especially through communications, the multiple benefits of next generation infrastructure.

To inquire about partnering on this grant opportunity, contact:

Aaron Young
Manager of Sustainability Planning
East-West Gateway Council of Governments
One Memorial Drive, Suite 1600
St. Louis, MO 63102
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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