* Marketplace Instructions *

In a Nutshell

This section will contain a brief description of the project and what is needed for implementation.  This one paragraph will remain constant and visible as visitors browse the information tabs below.

For inquiries or instructions on how to submit a project, submit this form:


Project Information


This section includes general background information.  Information should include:

  • description of the organization proposing the project
  • description of the community in which the project is located
  • identification of the need which the project is intended to address


The Proposal is what the implementer of the project is seeking that would enable them to complete the project.  The request for assistance can be in any form, but needs to be clear.  Examples of requests can be:

  • gap financing
  • direct donations
  • call for volunteers
  • documentation or additional research
  • technical assistance
  • pro-bono donations


The Numbers tab is primarily intended for projects where funding is being requested.  More general information is presented in the Proposal tab.  This tab should present as detailed information as possible.  The level of detail provided is up to the organization submitting the project, but the information should at least include:

  • total project costs
  • funds raised/secured to date (in dollars or percentage)
  • financing gaps
  • detail of financing being requested (i.e. low interest loan, non-bank loan, grant, donation)


The Outcomes tab describes the expected results of the project.  Reporting here should reflect the desired impacts of the project on the community.  This tab should include any indicators or measurements the implementing agency intends to track.  Outcomes should also include a connection to OneSTL with identification of regional indicators, goals, objectives, and/or strategies the project addresses.


The Contacts tab will provide the name of the primary and one alternative contact.  Because the purpose of the Marketplace is to make connections between people seeking resources and people offering resources, methods of contact must be made available.

Other information that can be provided here are names of project partners and other references that may have information about the project, similar projects, or technical information.

More InformationMore Information

This is an open tab for other information relevant to the project.  Other info may include, but is not limited to:

  • further description of articles or studies referred to in other tabs
  • links to articles or studies on the topic in general
  • links to similar projects