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Kaleidoscope Network provides a safe environment for young adults, ages 18-25 with social, emotional or mental health needs. We focus on short and long term goals that will ensure success for a lifetime, enhancing both personal and social responsibility. Transitional moments become empowering opportunities by filling the gaps between visualizing a successful future and making it a reality.

We are seeking financial support to cover the many expenses of our program. including but not limited to, transportation costs, legal fees, rent, utilities, lifeskills courses, program curriculum, staff salaries (just us 2 currently, with hopes to add a third staff member within the first three years of the program), program supplies and professional development.

Project Information


We work with individuals and their caregivers, case workers, agency representatives and sit down to create a set of goals specific to the needs of every individual. From school registration and job searches to lifeskills and creative art outlets, we strive to create a well rounded and multi-faceted program that not only allows our participants to see success, but takes some of the burden off of the caregivers and representatives who feel their time and resources are tapped out.

In addition to connecting young adults to the resources available to them for success, we trade in volunteer hours for financial assistance. For example, if one of our participants needs new work shoes and cannot afford them, we would cover the cost of the shoes for a determined amount of hours of volunteering for KN and other organizations in their community.

Kaleidoscope Network also strives for community organization partnerships, teaching our young adults to advocate for themselves and understand what resources are available, not only for them, but also to give their time to causes they are passionate about to pay it forward. Currently, we serve 8 participants, with hopes to reach our goal of 12-15 in our first official year.

We are open to the entire Saint Louis Region and it’s surrounding counties. Our office is located in the heart of the Grand Arts Center District.


Having just completed our first pilot year, we have a better understanding of the needs of our participants, the organization and it’s co-founders. Kaleidoscope Network is requesting you to join the movement and assist with the following:

  • Financial donation: program costs, supplies, curriculum expenditures, rent, salaries, possible vehicle for transportation and driver’s ed courses.
  • Donated goods: new, like new or gently used clothing, household items, kitchen appliances, computers, printers, vehicles, hygiene items, oral care products
  • Sponsorships: large fundraising events, flea market and swap meet booth rentals, program participant sponsorships for other fundraising events, professional development
  • Volunteering: home improvement, life skills training, vocational workshops, mentoring, office/clerical work, grounds keeping, special events, advocacy, marketing
  • Reduced/ waived fees: discounted or gifted tickets for special events, team building, group outings, personal growth opportunities for participants.
  • Collaborations: we are always looking for other organizations to partner with, as well as volunteer opportunities for organizations for our participants

Visit our website for more information on how to get involved:
Our Donation page is here: http://www.kaleidoscopenetwork.org/donate.html
To Volunteer, contact us here: http://www.kaleidoscopenetwork.org/contact-us.html


We are in the process of revising our budget, learning where the money needs to go and the pattern of funds coming in throughout our first year of operation. Our projected annual budget of $150,000 covered the cost of:

  • Curriculum and record keeping
  • Program supplies, including but not limited to; tech equipment, office supplies, creative arts supplies, school supplies
  • Participant needs, including but not limited to; public transportation needs, emergency hygiene and clothing items, academic financial assistance, driver’s education, state documentation such as ID’s and Social Security cards, personal development opportunities.
  • Lifeskills lesson supplies, including but not limited to; cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, resume building programs, creative arts supplies, fitness membership fees, continuing education courses in childcare, first aid, CPR, pet care, fuel for field trips
  • Staff salaries
  • Professional development opportunities; community networking, annual fees for nonprofit and community service professional groups, continuing education courses, workshops, team building
  • Rent/ Utiities/ Internet
  • Vehicles for driver’s education


The end goal for participants at Kaleidoscope Network is to achieve the personal goals they have set for themselves at the beginning for every year. In addition to the concrete personal goals, each individual will be more exposed to Saint Louis and it’s surrounding counties, learn about the many accessible resources, learning the process for self advocacy, giving back to their community and knowing their vote and actions play a key role in their future and the future of society. Participants are encouraged to stay on as mentors and volunteers in the program, and contact is never lost, with the intention to do annual alumni check ins.

The programs offered by Kaleidoscope Network align with the following goals and objectives in OneSTL:

OneSTL Theme: Inclusive
Goal 4: Improve access to opportunities.
     Objective: Provide equitable access to jobs, housing, education, health care, financial services and other services.
Goal 5: Improve quality of life in low-income neighborhoods.
     Objective: Increase civic engagement of typically underrepresented populations.

OneSTL Theme: Educated
Goal 3: Increase citizen participation.
     Objective: Education youth, adults, and community leaders about the importance of civic engagement and community service.
Goal 5: Increase opportunities for life-long learning for all citizens.
     Objective: Broaden public involvement in cultural and arts institutions, which provide informal education related to arts, culture, heritage, sustainability, and the environment.
Goal 6: Increase public understanding of sustainability and healthy lifestyle choices.
     Objective: Provide information on the importance of food choices, physical activity, alternative transportation choices and other lifestyle choices.


Wendy Addis: CoFounder
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Sandy Taubenheim: CoFounder
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