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Urban Harvest STL grows healthy food and a healthy community on the FOOD ROOF Farm in downtown St Louis. We engage and educate the community in the local food system and donate food to people who need it the most.

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2015 was a whirlwind of a year to say the least! After years of planning and designing the rooftop farm, the FOOD ROOF Farm finally came to life, and we could not be more thrilled!

They say it takes a community to build a farm…. and now we know why! The support from the community has been incredibly humbling, and the media has also been very kind in helping to share our story. We made the NEW YORK TIMES, and are proud recipients of the 2015 Innovators in Urban Agriculture Prize awarded by the International Network for Urban Agriculture!

Each week we’d harvest fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, squash, chard and more right from the vine and walk it across the street to St Patrick Center. We’d walk through the doors of McMurphy’s Café on their ground floor and hand over heaping bags of fresh vegetables, still warm from the sun, to the homeless and at-risk homeless people being trained in the café. Their smiles and expressions of excitement as they looked through the produce touched our hearts.

We were busy getting the farm up and running this first year but also made time to invite the community to be a part of it. We launched a youth education program, developed a robust volunteer program, hosted a dozen group tours and field trips, sold out tickets to a yoga workshop within hours, hosted a community gardener potluck, and held a concert on the FOOD ROOF... all in a matter of 3 months!

What’s happening in 2016… SO MUCH! Stay tuned, and we hope to see you at the many events on the FOOD ROOF Farm throughout the year!



Urban Harvest STL would like to scale up rooftop farming in St Louis and grow healthy food for people who need it the most in the community.

We would like to build two more FOOD ROOF Farms in downtown St Louis in 2016 and by doing so:

  • Grow more food for donation to St Patrick Center which feeds and educates homeless
  • Expand youth program and educate more youth
  • Hire farm interns through St Patrick Center to expand their garden training program for homeless and at-risk homeless people
  • Donate food to St Louis Metromarket who converted a Metro bus into a mobile market that will increase access to healthy food in St Louis’s food deserts
  • Enhance biodiversity in the city
  • Mitigate stormwater overflow and flooding by collecting water on a greenroof system

Integral to realizing our mission is the support of the community and participation of organizations that make our initiatives and efforts fruitful. Your contribution towards this unique community experience will help bring food, education, and a community together in St. Louis.  We need your help. You can accelerate the health of our community by making a donation here.



The FOOD ROOF Farm has already had an impact on the community and the environment in the first season. The farm was built in 2015 and the first seeds were sown in July. Between July and November of 2015 we’ve:

  • Planted 62 varieties of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers enhancing biodiversity
  • Harvested 1033 lbs of healthy produce
  • Donated 60% of food grown to St Patrick Center, which equates to 431 meals
  • Diverted 2600 lbs of waste from landfill through composting
  • Mitigated up to 17,000 gallons of stormwater per storm event, which equates to 1,819,000 gallons annually
  • Enageged volunteers for 3620 hours
  • Welcomed over 583 visitors and volunteers to the farm

Imagine what we can accomplish with more farms as we scale up across the city!


Mary Ostafi, Executive Director & FOOD ROOF Facilitator

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