The Sweet Potato Project

In a Nutshell

The Sweet Potato Project is a program offered by the North Area Community Development Corporation (NACDC).The project was designed to promote urban farming, basic business skills, healthy behaviors, and healthy choices among youth in low-income communities. The Sweet Potato Project needs assistance through donations, volunteers, mentors, and buy purchasing goods the students produce.

Project Information


The Sweet Potato Project recruits young men and women from the North St. Louis community to be part of the year-long project which maintains a strong focus on agriculture, marketing, sales, and self-sustainability. The outcome is a business plan for turning the summer produce into a product that can be sold.  Each year our goal is to add more students, more plots of land, and many more sweet potatoes!


The Sweet Potato Project needs your support. Getting involved with this project can be as easy as making a monetary donation or by buying sweet potato cookies. Donations to the Sweet Potato Project are vital to keep the project moving toward its goal of developing more land, creating more produce and selling more products. Each donation supports our efforts to enhance and extend our existing programming, paying student salaries and increasing product development and distribution.

In addition to making a financial donation, there are many more ways to get involved. The Sweet Potato Project needs volunteers to donate your time, helping plant sweet potatoes, driving the students to and from program activities, and showing support by attending events. In addition, we also need practitioners with business and entrepreneurial skills to lead classes and share their knowledge with the students. Here is a link to our contact page.



The programs offered by The Sweet Potato Project align with the following goals and objectives in OneSTL:

     OneSTL Theme: Prosperous
     Goal 4: Build the regional economy.
          Objective: Support entrepreneurship, creativity, and small business creation.
          Objective: Encourage the production, marketing, and consumption of locally produced food, goods, and services.
          Objective: Develop a skilled, creative, adaptive and diverse workforce.
          Objective: Support a diversified economy.
     OneSTL Theme: Efficient
     Goal 3: Improve access to fresh, local food.
          Objective: Support local food production and distribution especially in areas that lack adequate retail outlets.
     OneSTL Theme: Educated
     Goal 2: Build a globally competitive talent pool.
          Objective: Support job training, trade school and other education programs that prepare people for trade, production-based, and green jobs.


Sylvester Brown - Executive Director
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