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Green Spiral Tours is a social enterprise designed to connect families and nature, primarily through “flash-mob field trips” to interesting nature places in the Saint Louis area.  We are seeking donations to develop an environmentally-based game and tour map.

Project Information


Green Spiral Tours is a "family nature school" designed to connect families and nature through free and affordable field trips. Trips spiral the calendar and include green building tours, playground explorations, food and farm trips, adventure trips like kayaking and hiking, and cultural explorations like sustainable field trips to neighborhoods across town. Based on five years of field trip experience, I believe that Saint Louis has a depth and density of green building, some of the best playgrounds in the country, and that farmer markets are business incubators worth supporting. Green Spiral Tours is developing a plethora of tools to help people explore their place on the planet, including maps, apps, games, internship programs and tour guides for field trips. Just need a tiny bit of seed money to bring these products to market. Demographics in the Green Spiral email list include a wide variety of people, but generally, the target market is young families and the general public who is interested in all things green. These are people who have asked to follow Green Spiral on field trips to learn about green and sustainable places around Saint Louis. The goal is to test a few products in a small way to see if there is enough public demand to make any one of them financially viable.


$500 seed money to prototype game & map on Environmental Missouri based on Don Corrigan's book (currently collaborating with Don on this project). $250 to print & distribute Green Building Tours map (currently collaborating with several architects and builders on this map). $250 to develop Great playground map of Saint Louis or maybe, a Farmers Market Passport map.


Total project costs $1000
Amount looking to raise through donations $1000


It's good for people to travel across town to another neighborhood and gather new ideas. Ideas are brought back to home schools and home communities.


Jessica Hoagland

Green Spiral Tours


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