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In a Nutshell

The Freedom Center Church project will aid in the development and building of not only a church, but a community. The implementation of this project will create a place of restitution, information, support and peace for those in need. In addition, this project will aid in providing food, clothing, assistance with bill pay, counseling services, mentoring programs, education and learning center, shelter, and meal giveaways to families, and toy drives during the holiday seasons. In order to fulfill our vision and to meet the many needs of the people in our community, financial assistance, willing hands and huge hearts are needed to accomplish our goals.

Project Information


Freedom Center Church derived from a passion to see lives changed by impacting one life at a time. We've served our community in this line of work for over 10 years in our local churches, communities and colleges, and it has indeed been a great joy.

  • The implementation of our church project will include purchasing a building, hiring dedicated staff members, purchase of computers, furniture, multi-media equipment, instruments, chairs, food, clothing, etc.
  • Freedom Center Church is a place where all people can come to be united, set free, and empowered by the Power of God and human connection.
  • The desired area in which Freedom Center Church will be located in, will be culturally diverse and community focused.


The Proposal of Freedom Center church is seeking funds that would enable us to com-plete this project.  The assistance can be met in many forms, but we are specifically in need of...  

  • direct donations
  • call for volunteers
  • technical assistance
  • collaboration
  • pro-bono donations


  • Total project costs - $2,000,000.00
  • Funds raised/secured to date (in dollars or percentage) - $5,000
  • Detail of financing being requested are grants, donations, and/or organization funding
  • Building Facility/Center Cost - $1,000,000
  • Staffing - $300,000 (Pastors, Counselors, Musicians, Secretary, Treasurer, Janitors, etc.)
  • Production/Media/Equipment - $50,000
  • Advertisement - $50,000
  • Outreach - $100,000
  • Food Pantry building/supplies -$100,000
  • Bill Payments for the Community  - $100,000
  • Computers/iPads/Printers for Center/Computer lab equipment - $100,000
  • Transportation (Vans, Buses, golf carts) - $200,000


The expected results of the Freedom Center Church project is to ultimately transform and build the lives of many people, who will acquire the necessary motivation, skills, and the support system they need in order to go back into our communities/society to create change and renovation to every sphere that comes into contact with them.  As a result of the impact they've received they will implement the knowledge with others in order to birth perpetual transformation.  Which will in turn build a more productive com-munity, workplace and family. We want to create a Domino affect that will literally spread relationally from one person to another, to rebuild and restore stronger house-holds in the city of St. Louis, Missouri.  We will track participants, volunteers and mem-bers by implementing a physical data base growth chart.  Which will track attendance, monthly small groups, classes, checkups, updated personal information and programs.  Each individual's progress, past, present and future will be recorded and stored.  Our main goal is directly associated in connection to OneSTL by way of uniting all people together for the common goal of producing major growth, change, freedom, regenera-tion, restoration, and oneness for the city of Saint Louis, MO. Our connection to OneSTL is essential moving forward, as we continue to join forces in many meaningful ways together by building a relationship centered around accomplishing our goal for reconstruction, rebuilding and fundamentally creating oneness in our declining communities.


Daniel Rivers (Founder/Lead Pastor) - (314) 517 - 4208

Sierra Rivers (CoFounder/CoPastor) -  (314) 517- 4198

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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