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EarthDance is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates an Organic Farm School on the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi. Located in a peri-urban neighborhood of North St. Louis County, the historic Mueller Farm was established in 1883, before the City of Ferguson (in which the farm is located) was founded.  Earthdance is seeking donations to expand their youth work programs.

Project Information


In 2014, EarthDance launched THREE new youth programs to better serve the young people in our community and introduce them to fresh ways of thinking and living:

  1. Work Experience Program - in partnership with the Ferguson Florissant School District, we serve as a job site for students in the Special School District, ages 15- 19. Monday through Friday in the spring and fall, EarthDance trains young people each morning in a variety of farm and culinary skills - from harvesting sweet potatoes to making a farm-fresh meal.
  2. Junior Farm Crew - in May we hired 8 Ferguson teens for part-time jobs on the farm this summer. 20+ hours each week, these young people became an integral part of farm. The Junior Farm Crew prepped beds for planting, served samples at the Taste in Ferguson event, weeded the fruit tree nursery, practiced public speaking skills by giving culinary campers a farm tour, tasted and learned how to cook new vegetables, sowed seeds, and transplanted seedlings developing confidence in themselves and their community.
  3. Catch Healthy Habits - in partnership with Coach Al Harrold's Strength & Honor Summer Camp and OASIS - St. Louis, elementary-age boys from Ferguson came to the farm each Tuesday this summer to learn healthy habits from active seniors. All enjoyed eating healthy snacks, playing physically challenging games, and discussing healthy habits.

Through our youth programming, EarthDance is empowering young people with job skills and confidence while offering a way to get involved in positive community change. Youth developed an increased awareness of the importance of sustainable farming and appreciation of nature, while trying new fresh foods and developing healthy habits. Further, we believe that they will go on to educate their peers and inspire changes among friends and family through their own examples.


In 2015, EarthDance would like to expand our youth programming to serve even more young people in our community.

To do this, we need your help.

We would like to expand the educational offerings to the young people who visit the farm and who comprise our Junior Farm Crew. In addition to training youth in organic farming and gardening, public speaking, and healthy cooking, we are eager to offer practice in leadership skills, nonviolent communication, peer listening, and social justice. 
We would also like to increase the number of youth we're able to serve. This year, due to high demand, we hired twice as many teens to work on the farm as we'd planned. We'd like to hire even more in 2015.

You can contribute to youth empowerment in Ferguson by making a donation here.

Our goal is to raise $80,000, which will cover the cost of staffing, supplies, and stipends for 11 student workers during 2015.

If you donate to the program, please leave a comment that you heard about it on OneSTL.


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The youth programs at EarthDance Farms helps to meet regional goals and objectives related to access to fresh food, youth development, and economic development.  The specific goals and objectives from OneSTL are listed below.


Goal: Build the Regional Economy

Objective: Encourage the production, marketing, and consumption of locally produced food, goods, and services.

Objective: Support a diversified economy


Goal: Foster active and healthy lifestyles.

Objective: Increase access to local, fresh and healthy food.


Goal: Improve overall quality of education.

Objective: Incorporate lesson on life skills into public education.

Goal: Increase public understanding of sustainability and healthy lifestyle choices.

Objective: Provide information on the importance of food choices, physical activity, alternative transportation choices and other lifestyle choices.


Tori Dahl - Apprenticeship Program & Work Experience Program Coordinator

Rachel Levi - Program Director - rachel(at)

Molly Rockaman – Founding Director

233 S. Dade Avenue
Ferguson, MO 63135


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