Recycle Responsibly Events

November is Plastic Bag Awareness Month in the St. Louis Region!

Going shopping this weekend?  You might see our volunteers reminding you to bring your reusable shopping bags!  On Saturdays in November, we’ll have volunteers at local stores encouraging people to:

  • Keep plastic bags and plastic films out of recycling bins
  • Recycle them at participating stores instead
  • Bring canvas or other reusable bags to the store

Our volunteers will hand out flyers and car decals with reminders to bring your bags when you shop.

We thank our partners at Local Harvest Grocery, Ruler Foods, Straub’s, and the Fenton Walmart for allowing us to come to your stores with our recycling messages!

Thanks also to our volunteers, including troop members from American Heritage Girls and Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri!

Remember:  Plastic bags are a big contaminant in recycling -- they jam up the equipment at processing facilities, potentially harming workers, and ruin baled paper and other items that could otherwise be recycled. Many people are trying to do the right thing by recycling, but they simply don’t realize that plastic bags cannot be put in their bins at home. This includes bags of recyclables. Put your recyclables in the bin, but not the plastic bags holding them!

November 16 - Recycle Responsibly: The Truth About Plastic Bags

Friday at 8 AM – 3 PM
World's Fair Pavilion In Forest Park
Forest Park, St. Louis 63110
Hosted by: STL City Recycles

Event page.

How many plastic bags do Americans use every SECOND? Come see for yourself at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park on America Recycles Day!

This unique art installation is the official kickoff event for our regional Recycle Responsibly campaign. It's free and open to the public,
so come learn the hard truths about how plastic bags affect our community, our environment and our health.

Organizations from across the entire OneSTL region ( will be on hand from 10am-2pm to provide education and hand out prizes! So come join us for your morning run, on your lunch hour, or bring your kids for a special field trip they won't soon forget!


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