Green Infrastructure

Target: 100 percent of land in the St. Louis region has active organizations and quality watershed plans in progress by 2025 and plans completed by 2030.

Background: A region with protected and enhanced natural systems will improve the performance of its water supply, flood management, and wastewater infrastructure. The Water & Green Infrastructure working group will measure progress by keeping track of water bodies that have been adopted by a clean water group and incorporated into a watershed plan.

Structure: East-West Gateway’s Water Resources Committee (WRC) has been discussing issues related to water quality and watershed planning since 2001. A sub-committee of the WRC will act as the Water and Green Infrastructure Working Group. The WRC will continue to work to keep track of water quality initiatives and to disseminate information on planning, projects, and best practices.

Activities: The WRC, Nine Network, the Nature Conservancy, and Heartlands Conservancy have frequent meetings to discuss issues related to water. Additionally, the WRC conducts quarterly meetings at the office of East-West Gateway including educational tours.

Specific actions the group undertakes include:

  • Mapping, maintaining, and evaluating a database of regional water quality efforts
  • Maintaining resources on water quality on and
  • Producing and publishing informational videos such as Labarque Creek restoration