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Technical Assistance Network

The Technical Assistance Network is a collection of organizations and individuals involved with capacity building, knowledge sharing, and other assistance.  It includes experts involved with sustainability education, research, implementation, and outreach.   Collaboratives may form within this Network around issues such as food access, community development and green infrastructure.

Citizens for Modern Transit

Who we serve Transit riders, commuters, individuals who live near transit, employers, developers and governments.
What we do Work to change commuter habits and engage the regional community on transit issues.
Work with East-West Gateway to obtain federal funding for transit projects.
Advocate for zoning policies and development practices that are transit-oriented.
Advocate for long term capital and operating funding for transit
Support a regional vision for transit expansion
Assistance we can provide Transit-related programs, educational series, ridership programs, research and data
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 314-231-7272

Commerce Bank – Community Development

Who we serve All customers (commercial and individual)
What we do Provide information on financial tools/products available in the market of traditional finance.
Identify partners and provide loans funds for various projects and capacity development.
Assistance we can provide Financial literacy and process management education and curriculum.

Department of Housing and Urban Development – St. Louis Office

Who we serve Developers and financial stakeholders, big and small.
What we do Administer fair housing programs and develop public/private partnerships for community development.
Assistance we can provide Convener and researcher.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 314-418-5400

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis-Community Development

Who we serve Community development practitioners, banks, CDFIs, policy makers, academics and researchers, and state and local governments.
What we do The St. Louis Fed, including its branch offices in Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis, works hard to build strong connections and communications throughout our seven-state district with bankers, businesspeople, government officials, educators, community development organizations, media and the public at large.
Assistance we can provide Research, best practices and capacity building in community development.

Great Rivers Greenway

Who we serve Organizations, cities, public agencies and residents in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis and St. Charles counties.
What we do Build greenway trails that encourage economic development, expand transportation options and connect communities and residents.
Assistance we can provide Technical assistance on park, trail and open space projects as well as conservation and related programming.

Madison County

Who we serve Local governments, residents, businesses and nonprofits  in Madison County.
What we do Help with incentives, connection facilitation, employment assistance and real estate for businesses interested in locating in the county.
Assistance we can provide Provide education, assistance and guidance on sustainability best practices, including planning and funding.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Who we serve Public, communities, businesses and schools.
What we do Promote energy efficiency, greening operations, stormwater management, waste reduction and sustainable business practices.
Assistance we can provide Education on many different environmental topics.
Assist with plant-related needs and beautification.


Who we serve Community Development Corporations, financial institutions and local governments.
What we do Affordable and mixed-income housing development; mixed use development; real estate development consulting; predevelopment lending; community engagement and planning; CDC capacity building technical assistance; database management and GIS services (data democratization); and outcome and impact measurement.
Assistance we can provide Administrative and management capacity building for Community Development Corporations.

St. Clair County Health Department

Who we serve Residents of St. Clair County.
Convene the Bi-monthly Health Care Commission meeting to provide referral and networking for health partners.
What we do Administer low-income primary personal health services, environmental health and health protection services, school health education, women’s health services and Ryan White HIV/AIDS program. 
Assistance we can provide Provide health impact risk assessments, community health planning, education and promotion of health services.

St. Louis County Planning

Who we serve Resident and developers.
What we do Land use and community planning for unincorporated St. Louis County.
Administration of HUD funding (108 Grants), CDGB and Promise Zone.
Assistance we can provide Data analysis and GIS.

Saint Louis University Emerson Leadership Institute

Who we serve Business leaders throughout the community.
What we do Provide research, education and training on ethical/sustainable business practices.
Assistance we can provide Forum for networking and info sharing.
Space and facilitation for convening various meetings.


Who we serve Community organizations, neighborhood associations, municipalities, government agencies, CIDs and policy makers.
What we do Transportation planning and infrastructure design with an emphasis on bike and pedestrian design best practices.
Advocate for active transportation policies, placemaking, complete streets, traffic calming and car-optional communities.
Assistance we can provide Community engagement, facilitation, education, event management and coalition building on issues relating to bike and pedestrian transportation planning.

United Way

Who we serve Community partners and corporations.
What we do Systems engagement across the region.  
Serve as the backbone for Ready by 21 and East Side Aligned.
Assistance we can provide Capacity building, training and standardized outcomes for member agencies.
Space and facilitation for convening various meetings.

Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

Who we serve Residential, corporate, political and African-American communities in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis and St. Clair counties.
What we do Bring together various residential, corporate and political communities to improve community development and promote diversity, access and capacity.
Connect people to Invest STL.
Assistance we can provide