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There were four committees that involved over 100 members who worked collaboratively to engage in an inclusive and comprehensive regional planning process. The Steering Committee was the primary governing body of the planning process with East-West Gateway chairing the committee and serving as the fiscal agent of the grant. The Technical Planning, Public Engagement and Outcome Management committees each had specific tasks within the HUD-approved work plan that they are completing.

Communication among these committees was essential. The following are a few of the measures taken to ensure there was coordination among the many moving parts and individuals involved in the process:

  • Volunteers sat on multiple committees in order to identify overlapping issues, concerns and projects
  • East-West Gateway staff provided updates at committee meetings on the progress of other parts of the planning process
  • The committee chairs reported quarterly to the Steering Committee and HUD
  • Committee members, as well as others, remained up-to-date on the process through the newsletters and periodic updates posted on the RPSD website.

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